We are revolutionizing comfort and performance while inspiring cyclists to fuel their passion. Our goal is to inspire you to FIND YOUR BRAVE, dig deep and overcome obstacles along your journey.


Ever put on an uncomfortable piece of clothing? Yeah, us too. It's distracting and can get in the way, both mentally and physically. Leave your clothing choices to us! We produce clothing that works with you as you find your brave. The cut, materials and manufacturing are carefully chosen to create garments that fit exceptionally well and inspire you to ride in comfort (at least in comfortable clothing!).

We offer two lines of Bravane clothing - one specifically designed for the indoor cyclists and the other geared for the outdoor cyclist to bring our comfort and quality designs outside. Both lines are customizable for teams and clubs. Contact us to pursue a custom design.


We're all unique. We all face our own challenges. Our tagline, FIND YOUR BRAVE, is a call to action, meant to motivate you to break through personal barriers, and to be even better tomorrow than you are today. How do you move past obstacles? Face them head on. It's not necessarily the easy way, but it will make you stronger and help you build toward better habits. Let us be your partner on your journey.

What is Bravane?

Did we make up this word? Why yes we did. We created the word Bravane to inspire the inner athlete in all of us. It combines two words - Brave and Vane - and means "strong direction."


When you think of what it means to be brave, you think hero, stoicism, courage and words of the like. When you dig deeper, you realize that bravery is very personal and unique. Our own level of bravery occurs when we decide to pursue challenges beyond our comfort zone, push our boundaries and create positive momentum. Let's recognize and appreciate when we find our brave.


As in weather vane, Bravane reinforces that we get direction from the power of the wind - the strong force that moves and shapes us. Bravane hopes to inspire the power and confidence in you to continue moving forward - with Purpose, with Focus, with Intention, with Drive.


Bravane isn't just about apparel, it's about building and supporting community. We are focused on strengthening cycling in local communities and building a place for like-minded individuals to share their stories and support each other on their journeys.